Today was just really really dope.

Aja Dang’s message to the other woman

"…You are the other woman. He was with me while he has been texting you and commenting on your photos. I can’t be mad at you because I’m hoping you didn’t know - as women we have to stick together. But he did this to me while he was telling me he loved me; that I was his world; that I was his true love. You are none of these things to him so how will he treat you? Good luck.”

I bet she doesn’t appreciate that crooked jaw that I love so much.

This is one of the most beautiful Disney scenes ever.
I want to tell him that nothing that is beautiful & good comes without struggle, that struggle tells us what something is worth, that things scare us only when they have more meaning than we ever thought a thing could have. I want to explain to him how difficult it must be for a soft seedling to break through the hard dirt of spring, but how it does it anyway & sprouts & flowers & that my love is like sunshine & he is a violet trying to fight growth, trying to revolt against blooming within us, within my light, that he would rather stay in the dark & why, why, why. God, I want to ask him why. I would let him destroy me. I am letting him destroy me. I am open wide & loving him with all that I have while hoping beyond hope that it will be enough.
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Jenny Holzer, Protect Me From What I want, 1983-85

i fucking love jenny holzer so much 

Ph. by Alao Yokogi, 3/1998